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Mr Nibbles Forever – Launched on Steam

Mr Nibbles Forever – Launched on Steam

Yesterday marked the culmination of many months of hard work, we released Mr Nibbles Forever to the Steam store!

Following the launch on mobile last year and the rather disappointing lack of players of the game I had a deep and meaningful discussion with myself and came to the conclusion that the problem wasn’t the game it was my ability to market it correctly.


The game reviewed well and the people that played it seemed to enjoy the game but unfortunately due to both my lack of interest and lack of ability to push the game very hard I was unable to get too many eyeballs on the game.

I decided that what I needed was someone to take all the stuff that I dont like doing, namely the marketing and selling of the game, so I could concentrate on developing the thing.

So I decided to contact a few publishers, one of which (Black Shell Media) decided to publish the game on PC.


The experience with BSM has been great, they have helped me all along the way with design suggestions and VERY helpful pre-launch beta test groups and feedback. Its felt more like a family with other developers regularly meeting on Discord to discuss their game and the games industry in general.

So time will tell now if my strategy of partnering with a publisher was worth it. So far I have really enjoyed the process and not worrying about the marketing too much is definitely something im happy about.

Anyways, if you havent already, now is a great time to checkout Mr Nibbles Forever on Steam:

Unity Ash – A different way of thinking about making games in Unity

Unity Ash – A different way of thinking about making games in Unity

Over a year ago I decided to scratch an itch and see if I could get Richard Lord’s Ash framework to work in Unity. It actually turned out to be far easier than I had imagined. A few people contacted me as they wanted to use it for production games so I decided to do a little more work on it a few months later to fix some of the easily solved issues with my quick port.

Unfortunately I lacked any spare time to work on it until now. This week I spent 3 days rewriting the framework from scratch. I improved many things, making it much more Unity-friendly, and generally easier to use. Because of the differences from the AS3 version of Ash I now describe it as “heavily inspired” rather than a port.

Mr Nibbles Forever – Out Now on Amazon

Mr Nibbles Forever – Out Now on Amazon

Just a quick one to let you know that Mr Nibbles Forever is now available to download on your Amazon device!

This was a bit of a longshot as there aren’t too many Amazon devices out there but it was a low-hanging fruit as there wasnt too much needed to make the Android build work, just a new IAP system and thats about it.

Im thinking about doing a web version of the game too, what do you think?