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Newmix – Second Harmonic


Its been quite a while since I last made a mix. The last one Second Life was a collection of my favorite dubstep and bass tunes at the time. Since then the genre has grown and diversified and other sub-genres have opened up. Im really into some of these new sounds that involve more melody and progression but keep that rough bassey sound that popularizes dubstep.

So I thought it was time to gather some of these tracks together and lay them together in a mix. It took a little longer than expected as I used Ableton Live for the first time to make the mix. I usually use a very basic program called Mixmeister but have often found it lacking, so for this mix I decided to take the plunge and learn Live.

The mix is called Second Harmonic because it has that moody melodic sound that I love and build my three Harmonics mixes around but it is also more aggressive rather than chilled sound like last dubstep mix Second Life. I sprinkled it with a few clips from one of my favorite movies, points for guessing what is it 😉

Give it a listen see what you think:

Second Harmonic by Artificial on Mixcloud


1. Hybrid – City Siren (Reprise)
2. Asa, Gemini, Culrate, KOAN – Beyond The Shadows
3. Koven – Inset Flick
4. Gemini – Nothingness
5. Mojo – Garden Walls feat. Farisha
6. Roughmath – Human Being (Original Mix)
7. KOAN Sound – Introvert
8. Jon Hopkins – Insides
9. Trifonic – Nightrun (feat. MindBuffer)
10. Birdy – Shelter (Owsey Remix New)
11. Coven – It Comes in Waves
12. Shapeshifter – Longest Day (Opiuo Remix)
13. Koven – Urban Forms
14. Hecq – WEB, With Angels (Trifonic Remix)
15. Astrobear – First Contact
16. Trifonic – Ninth Wave
17 – Twin Atlantic – Yes I was Drunk (Matt Lange Remix)




Artificial – Harmonics (Part 3)

Well its been a while since I have made a new mix, but I have been collecting tracks for it for a while. This one came together fairly quickly actually, about two days worth of composition and then a few variations until I was happy with it. I decided not to add any movie samples to this one to keep it nice and simple, got alot of other projects on at the moment! Im not even sure if people actually like those movie samples tho, let me know if you do!

I have called it Harmonics (Part 3) as the third instalment in my Harmonics series is long overdue and I felt that it just kinda felt like a Harmonics Mix.

Anyways, I have uploaded the mix to SoundCloud and used the last remaining hour that the free account gives you 😉 Give it a listen or download below:

Harmonics (Part 3) by Artificial on Mixcloud

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Hybrid – Disappear Here (Armchair Mix)
2. Trifonic – Broken (Specter Mix)
3. Canvas – Imogen Heap
4. Chris Zippel – Again feat. Adel Tawil
5. Obscure Celebrities – Farenheit (Ulrich Scnnauss Remix)
6. Woven – Prickly Pear
7. Moderat – Rusty Nails
8. Helios – Bounce Dive
9. Telepopmusik – Into Everything
10. Bjork – An Echo, A Stain
11. Telefon Tel Aviv – What it was Will Never Again
12. Max Richter – Vladimir’s Blues
13. Sigur Ros – Hoppipollo

If you liked this mix and havent heard my other ones then you can grab those here:

New Mix: Artificial – Intelligence


Finally, finally I have decided to say sod it and stop tinkering with this god damn mix! I have been making and remaking this thing for the best part of a year but I can still see the rough edges. Its been driving me quite literally mad! Having said that however I have enjoyed making it, else I wouldn’t do it… right?

Anyway the idea was to have a two part mix, a more downtempo one and this one (coming soon). I have tried to tell a story with this mix, using both samples from a certain famous movie and through the track selection and progression. I have gone for a deeper darker sound than my usual harmonics light and easy to listen to sound. I dont imagine this one will be as popular with most people but I hope some will enjoy it!

Artificial – Intelligence by mike.cann

Intelligence by Artificial on Mixcloud