XNAGPUParticles (1,000,000 Dynamic Particles)

This is another submission of work i have done in my final year. This time the project is all my own work.

The project is a continuation based on work from before Christmas and is an experiment into state preserving particle systems. I started out with examining the basic particle systems such as a static system and one that updates on the CPU. I then moved onto more advanced systems such as the GPU based system described by Lance Latta and others. I soon discovered however that XNA doesn’t support “uber buffers” and as such had to invent a new solution using vertex textures. The result is a particle system written in XNA that is able to update and render 1,000,000 particles at about 22 frames a second with 4 forces.

To view this demo you first need to have the XNA runtimes. If you dont have those just go HERE.

Once installed you can grab the binary for this project http://www.mikecann.co.uk/Work/XNAGPUParticles.zip

If you are interested in seeing the source code for this project, just drop me an email: mike.cann@gmail.com

Oh also, the written report for this can be found http://www.mikecann.co.uk/Work/GPUParticles2003.doc