Flash to IPhone CS5


I know this news is a coupple of days old now, but I havent blogged in a little while so I thought why not.

It looks like the new version of Flash (CS5 or Flash player 10.1 however you look at it) will be supporting compilation to native iPhone apps.

This is fantastic news as I have been interested in doing an iPhone app for some time and have even gone as far as reading the docs and purchasing the Developer program.The stumbling block was the learning curve with Objecive-C. Now tho it seems I should be able to get away with just learning a new nuances with Flash->iPhone.

What does this mean? Well some of my previous games BlastWave, IcySlicy, CodeDrop, BlastOut would all work well on the iPhone, however I detest simply re-hashing old ideas so likely ill be making a very simple flash game to start off with that will take advantage of all the new inputs the iPhone and Flash10.1 will allow!

Called It!


FoodScanner is an iPhone app that lets you scan a barcode and it then tells you about its nutritional info. Whats frustrating is that I had this idea over a year ago, the idea was that you scan an item, enter how much of it you ate, then the app keeps a running daily total of the amount of GDA of calories, fats, salts and more.

I didn’t chase it up as although I knew it possible to read a barcode from an image, it would of been difficult to tally the code to a specific item as each store has its own identification numbers.

Ah well, im sure now the idea has been proven we will be seeing Tesco, Sainsburys etc bringing out their own “measure your nutritional input” iPhone app!

The Irrational Behavior of People

I dont often re-post things, but I found this a fascinating read this morning: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/10-irrational-human-behaviors-how-to-leverage-them-to-improve-web-marketing