Bike Be Gone :(

Went downstairs to the first floor carpark this morning to grab my bike for my morning 15min cycle into work to find that all that remained was this:


First time I have ever had anything stolen, all they left me were a few tattered remains of my bike lock as souvenirs of happier times. Looks like my journey to work got that bit longer 🙁


I used to be into messing about on trampolines which is why this video on Gizmodo caught my eye. I have watched it several times now and im half in awe of this and half cringing in fright of how dangerous the stunts are he is doing!

Google Storage Increase

ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 12 08.15

They are upping my gmail, picassa, whatever, storage from 10gb to 80!

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 12 08.17

Happy days!