Particle Playground v1.0.4

I have made a few small changes to Particle Playground today:

v1.0.4 (20/03/09)
+ Ive had over 500 uploads to the first gallery ( layground) and the loading times were getting abit silly, so I have now made a second gallery ( layground02) all new uploads now go there.
+ Changed the full-screen button to open in _self

Im gettign alot of images uploaded to my picasa, some of them are really good, im thinking of implementing a “featured” image very soon :)

Some good ones again:

Particle Playground v1.0.3

I made some small heavily requested updates to Particle Playground last night, control C, control V log:

v1.0.3 (18/03/09)
+ Added this new popup at the start
+ Removed system reset on every setting change
+ Added Simulation settings

So far the game has been doing well on Newgrounds with a current score of 3.95 / 5.00 and and average review score of 9.5 / 10 it has managed to win the Daily 4th Place – 03/19/2009 :)

On a related note I came accross this on twitter yesterday: it blew my head, there I thought I was being clever getting 20-40k of particles in 2D and this guy has managed 300k in 3D! Ive already started work dissecting the code so that I can improve PP some ;)

Oh also so far I have been very impressed with some of the pictures being created by people, so far there have been 157 of them! Some highlights include:

Particle Playground

Well this is the release of my latest little saunter into the world of particles and shaders in flash 10. It started off as and idea to use the new pixel bender shaders of flash 10 as a more efficient method of updating particle simulations.

Well after a few struggling evenings I managed to get a little prototype going. I was so amazed at some of the beautiful patterns and effects that the particles were making I thought it may be nice rather than just releasing a tech demo, to add abit more to it and release it for others to enjoy.

I will be releasing the source code in the coming weeks along with a blog post which should explain in detail how the technical aspects of updating and rendering tens of thousands of particles per frame works.

The tool features a gallery tab which you can use to take screenshots then upload them to my picassa account (proxyed via php). The hope is to get some realy beautiful images in here, perhaps if some are good enough ill get them printed and framed ;)

I hope to come back to this project regularly to add new features so stay tuned. For now some of the images I have made with this so far: