Monkey Mines

Monkey Mines

Well here it is at last! Finally after almost a month of wheeling and dealing we have at last released Monkey Mines to the world at large.

What is it? Well its a remake of the classic Minesweeper game, but with a few changes. Rather than being top-down we have done it in an isometric fashion. Im not sure how successful this has been as some have reported that it makes the game harder to play being isometric.

The game started off as a small tech-demo of the liquid like motion produced by coupling the cubes together by springs in a tight grid. (I still have that demo and may release the source in a later post if others are interested). We thought for a while about how to turn the demo into a game and ended up on the idea of a Minesweeper game.

It taken a long time to do this one, much longer than i had originally hoped for. I hope that the next game wont take anywhere near as long :P

Let me know what you think!

Highlight Selected Plugin, updated by David Hancock

Highlight Selected Plugin, updated by David Hancock

This sort of things brings a big smile to my face; I got an excellent email yesterday from a chap named Dave Hancock asking my permission to post an update he had made to my Highlight Selected plugin.

Its an excellent upgrade and brings some extra features that were lacking in my very basic version.

Copy / Paste of his update:

Liked the plugin so much I decided to add a few features! Posting here with Mike’s permission.


Added 4 plugin setting options:

Highlight Color (Choose a color for the highlight)
Highlight Whole Words (Choose whether to highlight whole words only or include partial text)
Match Case (Choose whether to match the case of the selection or not)
Add Line Marker (Display a line marker next to highlighted text)

No longer highlights white-space characters

+ Open FlashDevelop, Click Tools -> Application Files
+ Copy the DLL to the “Plugins” directory
+ Restart FlashDevelop

DLL … ection.dll

Source …

Proof of Concept: TwittBot

Proof of Concept: TwittBot

Well for the last few evenings I have been working on this little proof of concept. One of my work colleague Ade (@6t8) came up with the idea “someone should make a game that you can play over twitter”. Well after abit of excitement and talk I decided to have a go at coding this idea. Once I had started I realised that it could be possible to do alot more with this, so I decided to make the project a little more generic and turn it into a pluggable bot for automating twitter.

After a few evenings work however I decided that this project was going to take up a bit too much of my time, especially when I had so much other work to do. So I have decided to release what I have done and let other take it and develop it if they wish.

You login using a twitter account:


Once logged in you are presented with the main interface, plugins are loaded automatically from the directory and displayed as tabs. The reason for doing them as plugins is to allow users to pick and choose what functionality they want their twittbot to have. Also it allows for easy upgrading to newer plugin versions.


Hangman was the primary idea for this project and is implemented as a simple plugin that consists of 3 simple commands:


I have built a simple polling timer for checking new messages from Twitter:


The interface uses docking panels provided by the .NET DockPanel Suite. Docking is demonstrated below with the log window:


The next shot shows me sending a direct message to the “twittgames” account from my “mikeysee” account:


After refreshing, the Hangman plugin then shows the active game states:


Then you play the game by making guesses:


And the plugin responds to your guesses:


It is far from complete but as a proof of concept I think it demonstrates the idea. There are many things that could be improved and/or worked upon, such as:

  • Implement async calls rather than halting the thread when making a call
  • Completing the Auto-follow plugin
  • Implementing a database to log previously handled messages
  • Enable back-messaging so you can search for previous messages and handle them
  • Implement an interface for loading/unloading plugins

For the technology side of things, its was developed in C# .NET 3.5 using the excellent TweetSharp library for interfacing with Twitter. Docking panel functionality is provided by DockPanel Suite.

You can grab the binary for this here:

Source code is available on request. Email: