Day[9] – A Moving Story of a Pro-Gamer [Video]

Day[9] is a Starcraft2 commentator and a professional gamer (among other things). I have been following him for sometime watching his ‘casts’ of games. He just posted this video on Youtube (although its an old episode), its an incredibly moving tale of his journey through gaming to becoming one of the top players in the world. More than that he relates it to how his family have supported him through his passion and giving him belief to do what he loves.

If you enjoy gaming or know someone that enjoys gaming I cant encourage you enough to watch this video. Its quite long but I strongly encourage you stick with it till the end!

If you liked Day[9]’s quirky style of humor of  or are interested in watching some more of his casts you should checkout either his Youtube channel or his BlipTV archive.

Post To Tumblr Version 0.4

Today is a small update day it seems.

I have updated my Post To Tumblr extension again. I was getting a couple of requests for the ability to add a ‘caption’ to a post before the image is uploaded so I cranked out this little feature. You can enable it in the options.

Once enabled rather than immediately posting the image it will popup a new tab allowing you to add a caption or whatever to your post:

Its not perfect, I would have preferred the pre formatting window to open in a div popup on the current page instead of a whole new tab, but for now this solution is simple and it works.

I must admit I borrowed the idea from another Tumblr posting extension called “Share on Tumblr”. The code is ultra simple:

[codesyntax lang=”html4strict”]


	// Thanks to share on tumblr extension for this
	chrome.tabs.getSelected(null, function(tab) 
		var url = getParam(tab.url,"u")
		//var url = encodeURIComponent(getParam(tab.url,"u"));
		var finalurl=""+url+"&s=";

	// Thanks
	function getParam( url, name )
	  name = name.replace(/[[]/,"\[").replace(/[]]/,"\]");
	  var regexS = "[\?&]"+name+"=([^&#]*)";
	  var regex = new RegExp( regexS );
	  var results = regex.exec( url );
	  if( results == null )
		return "";
		return results[1];

<link rel="stylesheet" href="main.css" type="text/css"/>
	<div id="header">    
      <h1>Post To Tumblr</h1>
    <div class="section-header first"><em>Format your post below</em></div>
    <br >
	<iframe id="container" style="width:500px;height:430px;border:0px" src=""></iframe></body>


It just opens an iframe with the Tumblr Share page. Simples!

Post To Tumblr Version 0.3

Just made a quick little update to my chrome extension “Post To Tumblr”.

In this update I finally worked out how to catch bad username or password returns from the Tumbr API. Basically it just involved me using the ajax rather than the post jQuery function and using “async:false” like so:

[codesyntax lang=”javascript”]

		  url: '',
		  type: 'POST',
		  async: false,
		  complete: function(transport)
				if(transport.status == 200 || transport.status == 201)
					 var postedNote = webkitNotifications.createNotification('images/icon48.png', "Image Posted!", info.srcUrl);
					 setTimeout(function() { postedNote.cancel(); }, 5000);;
				else if(transport.status == 403)
					var errorNote = webkitNotifications.createNotification('images/icon48.png', "Posting Error!", "Bad email or password");
					setTimeout(function() { errorNote.cancel(); }, 5000);;



In addition I have added some notifications to indicate when the extension is doing something.

I have made a little demo video below to show this off:

Chrome should auto update for you. If you dont have the extension yet head over to the extension gallery to grab it now!