Inputtie – Version 0.1.5

Just a few small changes in this update:

From the release notes:

Inputtie Version 0.1.5 (17/10/10)

+ Middle mouse input is now caught and transferred between devices
+ More errors are caught in the client
+ Keys are now depressed when a connection is cut, no more lingering Shift, yey!

The new version should automatically download, but if you don’t yet have it go grab it on the download page ->

Post To Tumblr – v0.2

Just a quick update to my first chrome extension.

Following a request someone left in the comments I have now added an option to set how the post should be published. So now you can choose whether you want your cat with a lime on its head to be posted to your drafts or your queue or simply to your default wall.

You can grab the new version in the usual place on the Chrome Extensions Gallery ->

I think it updates by its itself, but I cant be sure!


My First Chrome Extension – “Post To Tumblr”

Mummy wow! Im a big boy now! I have just published my first Chrome extension.

It was really annoying me that when I found a funny cat or some other silly image I would have to go through a whole ball-ache process to get that image on my Tumblr account.

What I really wanted was some right-click-post action going on and wondered why no one had one it yet. So with an hour or so to spare I whipped this extension up really quick.

It uses the Chrome 6 Context Menu API so you obviously need to have Chrome 6 to be able to use it.

Currently it only posts images as that’s all I needed for now but if enough people want more then ill whip out the other data types.

The source couldn’t be any simpler really, infact this is it here:

[codesyntax lang="javascript" lines="normal" blockstate="expanded"]

chrome.contextMenus.create({"title": "Post Image To Tumblr", "contexts":["image"], "onclick": postImage});

function postImage(info, tab)
	var email = localStorage["tumblr_email"];
	var password = localStorage["tumblr_pass"];

	if(!email || email=="" || !password || password=="")
		alert("Need to set your Tumblr username and password in the options before posting!");
		var o =

		var success = function(data,textStatus,request)
			if(textStatus=="success"){ alert("Image posted to Tumblr. Image -> "+info.srcUrl); }
			else { alert("Bad email or password"); }

		$.post("",o, success);



Theres even an option page where you put in your Tumblr details:

Oh, there is one issue.

No matter what I tried I couldn’t manage to get the Tumblr API to return an error. So if you enter your username or password incorrectly it still reports success, not entirely sure why, if someone knows I would love to hear why!

Interested? You can go grab it over on the chrome extensions gallery page -> HERE