Mr Nibbles & Blackberry

Im proud to announce that Mr Nibbles is now available on Blackberry App World 🙂

Thanks to the cross-platform nature of Haxe and NME it was actually really easy to do. Just a matter of changing a single word on the command-line: “nme build blackberry” and that was it, everything just worked out of the box!

I want to give a massive thanks to Joshua Granick for helping with some of the strange certification issues I was getting. Joshua also very kindly helped test the blackberry build out on his Playbook before very kindly asking RIM to ship one out to test on myself.

Joshua also recently written a blog post on the Blackberry developer blog highlighting the awesomeness of NME and its ability to target Blackberry devices natively:

He was also kind enough to mention Mr Nibbles in the post 🙂

So that means Mr Nibbles is now available on the Web, Android, iOS and Blackberry. I wonder where it can go next!

Mr Nibbles

Mr Nibbles

Mr Nibbles was a Web, iOS and Android game I wrote in my evenings and weekends with a Playdemic colleague. We set ourselves a goal of finishing it in 3 weeks, it actually took 5 but I was very proud of the result.

You can check the game out here:

Or read the numerous posts I wrote on the subject:

Mr Nibbles, Free on iOS, Android & Browser

Mr Nibbles, Free on iOS, Android & Browser

Finally! Apple approved the iOS version of the game this morning, and this evening I finished off the site, so the holy trinity of game availability; iOS, Android and the browser is now complete!

Check it out:

app store
google play

or at:

For once I actually finished one of my projects 🙂 Im really happy with how the whole thing went, sure it went a couple of weeks over my original three-week estimate but still im happy with the result. Of course there is so much that could be improved, but for a free game made in a very short time I think it has done

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