More HTML5 & HaXe Speed Tests

Ive spent a little more time this weekend looking at some more  HTML5 with HaXe. Following on from my previous experiments with WebGL I decided to give HTML5’s Canvas a a look as it was supposed to be designed specifically for the purpose of doing 2D.

I had heard from the HaXe mailing list that the Jeash project was a common way of interacting with the canvas in HaXe. Jeash is a remapping of the Flash API into JS so in effect I should beable to take any of my usual flash code, Sprite’s,  BitmapData’s, etc and it should run on the canvas no problems. Nice!

So I coded up a quick blitting example to see what sort of performance I would get:

The results were okay (I get about 11FPS with 5,000 crawlers) however I was interested to know what sort of cost HaXe adds. So I decided to code up a second example, this time using pure JS:

The results this time were better (14FPS with 5,000 crawlers) so I now wondered what happens if I do without Jeash and just code up the example using pure HaXe. I was expecting to see the same sort of performance hit as Jeash:

Surprisingly it actually runs faster (17FPS with 5,000 crawlers) ! This is quite a surprise and totally contradicts my notion that going from HaXe -> JS would incur a cost. I was expecting some cost, but a performance increase?! I can only speculate that behind the scenes the JS engine in the browser is able to JIT compile the HaXe JS much better than the hand-crafted JS and hence more speed.

If you are interested in the source then I have uploaded it here:

P.S. All the test were run on Windows 7 x64 in Chrome 14 (dev)

30 Days 30 Photos – 2011

For the last 30 days me and some friends have been taking one photo every single day.

Why? No reason other than we can really. We did it a couple of years back and it was good fun, so thought it would be worth repeating :)

You can see a rather nice slideshow of all the images which I have uploaded to my Web Album.

I took each one using Instagram for the iPhone so all of them can also be found on my Instagrid.

I really enjoyed it although I must admit it was hard to find something worth photographing each day. I also wish I was better at taking pictures, but perhaps now I have a good camera Ill learn.

PostToTumblr 0.8 – 8000 Users and Counting

I cant believe how well my humble little extension for the chrome browser is doing. 8000 users when just a few months ago I was celebrating 1.5k.

There were so many requests for new features and things that I thought I would push an update out this evening to add a little more functionality.

From the change log:

- v.0.8 -- 19/06/11 --
+ Text, Page, and Links are now supported in addition to Images
+ Added an app icon to the bar for easy access to the options

To highlight these new changes I decided to update the promo video too:

I have also added a donation button into the options. I have no idea if anyone will click it, an interesting experiment tho.

If you have it installed it should auto-update, if not go grab it over on the chrome app store: