FlashDevelop Obsidian Dark Theme For HaXe

FlashDevelop Obsidian Dark Theme For HaXe

Just a quick update this evening.

In an effort to to reduce some of the symptoms of eye strain I have been suffering from recently I decided to change the theme of FlashDevelop4 to something a little darker and easier on the eyes.

I took inspiration from the excellent Obsidian theme on the Eclipse Color Themes website.

Im still yet decided if it helps atall, tho I must admit I do like my IDE a little more colorful :)

I have uploaded the theme for download here: http://mikecann.co.uk/projects/FD4Theme/Obsidian-HaXe.fdz



Once downloaded just double click it to install, then restart FD, simples!

After posting the theme to the HaXe mailing list several people linked the themes they use, so if you are interested there’s more themes here.

More HTML5 & HaXe Speed Tests

Ive spent a little more time this weekend looking at some more  HTML5 with HaXe. Following on from my previous experiments with WebGL I decided to give HTML5’s Canvas a a look as it was supposed to be designed specifically for the purpose of doing 2D.

I had heard from the HaXe mailing list that the Jeash project was a common way of interacting with the canvas in HaXe. Jeash is a remapping of the Flash API into JS so in effect I should beable to take any of my usual flash code, Sprite’s,  BitmapData’s, etc and it should run on the canvas no problems. Nice!

So I coded up a quick blitting example to see what sort of performance I would get:


The results were okay (I get about 11FPS with 5,000 crawlers) however I was interested to know what sort of cost HaXe adds. So I decided to code up a second example, this time using pure JS:


The results this time were better (14FPS with 5,000 crawlers) so I now wondered what happens if I do without Jeash and just code up the example using pure HaXe. I was expecting to see the same sort of performance hit as Jeash:


Surprisingly it actually runs faster (17FPS with 5,000 crawlers) ! This is quite a surprise and totally contradicts my notion that going from HaXe -> JS would incur a cost. I was expecting some cost, but a performance increase?! I can only speculate that behind the scenes the JS engine in the browser is able to JIT compile the HaXe JS much better than the hand-crafted JS and hence more speed.

If you are interested in the source then I have uploaded it here: http://mikecann.co.uk/projects/HTML5SpeedTests/HTML5SpeedTests_1.zip

P.S. All the test were run on Windows 7 x64 in Chrome 14 (dev)

30 Days 30 Photos – 2011

For the last 30 days me and some friends have been taking one photo every single day.

Why? No reason other than we can really. We did it a couple of years back and it was good fun, so thought it would be worth repeating :)

You can see a rather nice slideshow of all the images which I have uploaded to my Web Album.

I took each one using Instagram for the iPhone so all of them can also be found on my Instagrid.

I really enjoyed it although I must admit it was hard to find something worth photographing each day. I also wish I was better at taking pictures, but perhaps now I have a good camera Ill learn.