New Tab Chrome Experiments – A new Chrome Extension

New Tab Chrome Experiments – A new Chrome Extension

I really enjoy making Chrome Extension, I love how fast it is to go from idea to implementation then availability on the store.

My latest extension is called “New Tab Chrome Experiments” was only conceived of on Sunday evening. I then spent yesterday coding it up and now its up and available todownload on the store.

As the name implies its an extension that replaces the “New Tab” page in chrome. I have always been a fan of the website and thought wouldnt it be cool if you could view one of those experiments each time a new tab is opened.


The extension works by first downloading the entire catalog of Chrome Experiments from the site. At first I thought I was going to have to scrape but then I went digging through the network traffic of and found that they are using an un-published but nice API: “”.


With that data I could then randomly pick one experiment and load its URL in an iFrame each time a new tab is opened. I also present a little info box on the left hand side which tells you about what experiment you are looking at and provides a link to its page and its author.


I wrote the whole thing in Typescript using React and various other libs. I open-sourced it incase you were interested:

You can download the extension from the Chrome Webstore here:

Anyways it was a fun little experiment, I hope people enjoy it as much as I do!

Post To Tumblr – v6.16 – Templated Variables

Post To Tumblr – v6.16 – Templated Variables

Its been a while since I have posted about Post To Tumblr so I thought I would do a quick update seeings as I am still definitely working on it.

The latest update (v6.16) added an excellent community suggested feature “Templated Variables”.


Templated variables is accessible from the one-click options and allows users to specify special keywords which get replaced when Post To Tumblr is run:



This allows users to customize things with much greater freedom than was possible before.

I also added the ability to paste in your clipboard which was another user-requested feature:


As of version 6.17 this variable is hidden behind an “optional permission” as it was causing a quite scary permissions dialog when people initially installed or updated the extension which several users were kind enough to contact me about.

So thats the update, I hope you all like it, as usual email me: if you have suggestions for other improvements.

You can download the extension here:

My interview for the Pixel Sift Podcast

My interview for the Pixel Sift Podcast

Last week the guys over at the excellent Pixel Sift reached out and asked if I would like to do an interview with them for their Podcast. So we had a short chat about Mr Nibbles Forever, PC publishing and the Credit Redeemer debacle.

Check it out below, the interview starts at 9:47.

If you like what you heard I strongly recommend that subscribe to the Pixel Sift podcast they are definitely in my “Must Listen” group of podcasts.