Mr Nibbles Forever – Now on Apple App Store!

Mr Nibbles Forever – Now on Apple App Store!

Weeeee! Finally we got approval from Apple on Friday last week and after a frustrating 3 hours of waiting for apple to push a button it launched!

You can grab it from the App Store on your device or simply follow this link:

Im so happy that its out the door, had a few people play already and some have submitted some bugs which need to get fixed soon.

Im on holiday in Bali from Saturday for some much needed R&R, but when I get back I hope to do a patch or two and if the traffic justifies it perhaps a content update.

Mr Nibbles Forever – Out now on Google Play

Mr Nibbles Forever – Out now on Google Play

The title says it all! The game is now finally out on Google Play:

It took me much longer than I had originally expected when I started it back in January but im happy to say that no matter how it performs on the marketplace I feel as if I did it justice. I tried hard not to get fed up towards the end of the project as I tend to and put the hard graft in to get the monetisation and gameplay right.

I missed the deadline for the iOS version today as its still waiting to be approved by Apple but im hoping it wont be too much longer.

After that I plan on doing an Amazon build of the game and perhaps a content pack or two depending if I get more than just a handful of players :)

Mr Nibbles Forever – The Final Beta (11)

Mr Nibbles Forever – The Final Beta (11)

It’s been 3 weeks since the last update but lots has happened in that time.

I have tried hard to stick to the plan I made for myself on the 21st of June. A quick recap:

20th – 26th July
1) Create game trailer and publish to landing page.
2) Contact media and other social networks, point to landing page.

27th July – 2nd August
1) Final bug fix and polish pass.
2) Contact more media and social networks.

3rd – 9th August
1) Release Android version of the game.
2) Contact media and social networks.

So the first task was to make a trailer for the game which I managed to do:

Its not perfect but im pretty happy with how it turned out with only a weeks worth of work and a very limited knowledge of After Effects and Game Trailer making in general.

After finishing the trailer I had a week of bug fixing and polish before I took the game to Playup Perth, an indie games meetup here in Perth.

The meeting went well, people enjoyed playing the game. It gave me a few ideas for expansions in the future and hinted at some small things which I could implement immediately. So heres a list of the things I managed to fix and implement over the past few weeks, some 40 hours of work:


Oh that reminds me, we also have a new icon for the game designed by Woody:


It looks great in my opinion, he did a stellar job there.

We also have a new company logo for Epic Shrimp:

epic shrimp logo

This one is by my friend and ex-colleague Alan Mac, great work there Alan, even if you did manage to sneak in your little trademark in there (points to anyone who notices).

So the time for the release is almost here. So long as this new beta for the game looks okay then I hope to send some emails out to reporters to give the game a play and hopefully a review then in a week or two I hope to push the game to the store!

As usual if you are interested in testing the game you can use this public beta link: or send me an email for the iOS version and ill add you as a beta tester: