New Indie Game: Mr Nibbles 3D

In-between the downtime of the main game (yet to be announced) I decided to experiment around with an idea I had a while ago.

A couple of years ago I released a totally free game Mr Nibbles, a project I worked on with a colleague from Playdemic. As part of my employment contract at Playdemic I was unable to make any money from games produced in my spare time so I decided to run the project as a challenge to myself; could I make a cross-platform mobile game in 3 weeks of evenings and weekends? Well it actually took 5 weeks but I was pretty happy with the result. Currently it has 25k downloads on android:


And 23k on iOS


Not bad considering we did no marketing whatsoever.

So I decided why not use some of the skills I have developed with Unity and have a go at making a 3D version? It turns out it was a lot easier to prototype that I thought. The above video is the result after just a few short hours.

I took the original 4 levels and wrote a converter that reproduced each tile in the original 2D level as a cube in the new 3D level. It was very simple but it got me thinking, why restrict it to the one rotation axis like in the 2D version? What if Mr Nibbles could move into out of the world too? A few hours later and I had quickly prototyped the many-axis concept:

This definitely has potential. Stay tuned for further posts on the development of the side-project.

Post To Tumblr v4.19

Just a quick post today. I dont post every time I release a new version of my popular chrome extension Post To Tumblr (if I did there would be nothing but PTT posts on this blog), but I decided to make a video for this release as its been a while since I have made one.

In this release I added a much requested tags caching system and tag hints.


Unity Helper – Enumerate Resources

Unity Helper – Enumerate Resources

Following on from yesterdays post on my Unity-Helpers I have added another utility to the library.

Enumerate Resources

Enumerate Resources is a handy util for creating type-safe resource references. Traditionally you have to manually create constant strings to load resources at runtime:


This is fragile. If the asset is moved you wont know about the crash until you run the game, this line of code may not be executed often and hence introduces a bug that may only present itself at a later date.

Enumerate Resources scans a resources directory and generates a type-safe alternative:


Now if you move the resource and run the enumerator you will get a compile error.

For added sugar there is a method to add the loaded resource as a child of a game object (handy for prefabs):


You can grab the project, source and tests over at Github: