Campin Oz 2017 – Kalbarri

This post was copied from my site a site dedicated to my travel drone photography.

After the short one day stop in Lancelin we made our way north for 5 hours to the small sea side town of Kalbarri.

We were there for about 3 days which gave us just about enough time to see some of the highlights of the place including some of the incredible rock formations near the shore.

AU0010 – Kalbarri Coast

We were particularly fascinated by the pink salt lakes found just south of Kalbarri. The bacteria in the lakes makes them pink which is really impressive when contrasted against the white sandy rocks around.

AU0010 – Kalbarri Coast

AU0012 – Salt Lake Notch (Vertical)

On the final morning before we left I got up early to watch the sunrise and try to get some morning drone shots of the rocks in the Kalbarri bay. Unfortunately most of the shots came out blurry, not sure why.

I still managed to salvage one or two however:

AU0009 – Kalbarri Rocks

Onwards! Next stop Shark Bay 🙂

Campin Oz 2017 – Lancelin

This post was copied from my site a site dedicated to my travel drone photography.

First stop on our epic 5-month adventure was at the sea side town of Lancelin just a few hundred K’s north of Perth.

A seaside town that was super windy which the numerous Kite Surfers were taking advantage of.

We only had one night here so not much time to explore around but I was keen to take some drone photography one of the main attractions here; the dunes.

AU0006 - Lancelin Dune

AU0006 – Lancelin Dune

AU0007 – Lancelin Dune Lady

AU0008 – Lancelin Dune People

We took a bunch of other pics, you can find them all on our Facebook Page soon!

We finished off the day with a beautiful sunset and a glass on wine by the sea.

wine by the sea

And Off We Go!

And Off We Go!

This post was copied from my site a site dedicated to my travel drone photography.

Finally after months of planning we have finally taken off on our epic 5-month camping trip around Australia. We have been discussing this for ages and im so happy that its finally here.

There so many things I want to see and do heres a few:

  • Meet some of the most laid-back awesome people in the world
  • Try ‘Damper’
  • Scooter around Broome
  • Admire the beauty of the Milky Way without any artificial light to obscure it
  • Freedive with some fishies in the Great Barrier Reef (before its too late!)
  • Not get eaten by any of the ‘friendly’ wildlife
  • See some of the more remote areas of the Australian outback
  • Take loads of spectacular drone photos and upload them here on

We are going to be blogging as we go around so if you are interested in follow along then please so subscribe (see below).

We also put together a map that shows the route we are planning to take, where we are right now and the locations of the images showcased on this site:

First up is the sand dunes of Lanclin and the windy coast of Kalberri, stay tuned for updates on that soon!