North Western Australia, Winter 2014

North Western Australia, Winter 2014

Well I have been back for over 3 weeks now but only just got round to uploading the pictures and videos from my 3 week trip up north. I had an absolute blast exploring some of the more remote Australian countryside.

This was the rough journey we took:

From Bunbury to Broome was 4 days in a car with Kelsie and her parents. We stopped off at a few beautiful spots along the way:









We even managed to make it over to Dampier for a quick photo with the Red Dog statue:


Once we arrived at Broome we met up with Kelsie’s Brother Trent and his Fiancé Emily who live up there and spent a few days chilling out around the beautiful area:






After a few days we were off again, this time two cars; Kelsie, Myself, Trent and Emily in one and Kelsie’s parents and their friend in the other. Our route took us along the Gib River road (a dirt road inaccessible for part of the year) all the way to our destination of Kununurra. Along the way we stopped at nice spots:






Once at Kununurra we had a few days to explore the spectacular landscape:






After just a short time we hit the road again and headed back to Broome, we took the highway on the way back so it only took a couple of days. This gave us more time to spend in Broome again:








And then it was all over! Kelsie and I flew back to Bunbury while her parents drove the car back.

I had an awesome time ‘up north’ exploring more of Australia, I cant wait to see more of it in the future!

Post To Tumblr 5

Post To Tumblr 5

Almost exactly 6 months ago I released Post To Tumblr 4 and today im proud to have pushed the 5th version of my popular Chrome Extension to the Chrome app store.

About a week ago Tumblr decided to change its security model which meant that my 34,000 ish users were now stuck. Unfortunately to get PTT to work required an entire rewrite of the way I handled users and posting to tumblr. Under the pressure of from tons of emails from angry users every day I set to work restructuring it all.

Now with version 5 users must authenticate with my backend:


Then they can add one or more tumblr accounts to the PTT account:


Which then seamlessly integrates into the app:


The backend authenticates the tumblr accounts and stores the oauth access keys so that it can make calls to tumblr on the user’s behalf in the future. Its a much simpler system than I had previously, and it allows for multiple tumblr accounts which has been requested many times in the past.

The backend is built upon’s cloud service. Its pretty much a hosted node.js environment but I really like it because its really fast and easy to work with and has a very generous free tier 🙂


I wrote the entire backend using Typescript which compiles down to JS which runs on parse, so that means that the entirety, client and server of Post To Tumblr is written in Typescript. A great feeling and utility as it allowed me to share code between the client and server.

I have an almost complete type definition file now, surprisingly it isnt actually available on DefinitelyTyped but when I get round to it ill upload it myself.

In addition to the backend changes I totally restructured most of the client to use requireJS for nice modular JS loading. Im much happier with the structure of the client as a result and it feel less like guesswork and global-variable-spaghetti!

I hope my users enjoy it!

Mr Nibbles – Mobile Testing

Mr Nibbles – Mobile Testing

This will be the last update for a while as I am heading up north WA for 3 weeks from tomorrow but before I went I wanted to get the game running on my iphone so I could test it while I was away. After a few accelerometer tweaks im glad to say that the game works just fine on Android and iOS:

The frame rate is great (on my iphone 5 at least) so im happy with that. While i’m away ill do some pen-and-paper level design, kind of tricky when the levels are 3D but ill give it a go!