The Mystery of the Missing Disk Space


For ages now I have been plagued with missing disk space. No matter how much space I freed up it always seemed to disappear but finally I have managed to solve it!

I have 120gig SSD drive which should be enough for me to run Windows and a few key apps no problem however it seemed to fill up all the time without me installing anything.


This lack of space was having a big problem on my machine, I couldn’t open more than a couple of programs at once, things were crashing oddly.


I tried everything to make more space, deleting the few apps I had installed on the drive, running disk cleanup, even disabling the hibernation and pagefile systems (really not a good idea). Still to no avail.

Thats when I noticed something odd was going on. I only have 8 root folders on the drive:


So I right-clicked and inspected the properties of each:


Hang on… Those sizes dont total up to be 106gig.. Infact they are only 43.04gig, what’s going on here? Because im an old-school windows user I thought it may be fragmentation issue so I ran defrag, nope no where near enough space freed up there.

Thats when I decided to use a program I had used to years, TreeSize free. This app is supposed to show you where your drive is using its space. But no, it too was reporting that only 47gig of my drive was being used.. Weird!

In desperation I downloaded another app called SpaceSniffer which was supposed to be very similar to TreeSize. I ran it and encountered a whole load of access denied error messages, so I re-ran it as administrator (i’m not sure why you have to do this when you are on an Admin account anyways) and:


Whats this? 64.8 gig being taken up in my c:windowstemp directory? Specifically a load of 2meg MSI****.LOG files! Here is my missing space! I opened the temp folder and sure enough here was the culprit


But what on earth are these things? Opening one reveals:


Hmm they looks like .NET log files, strange. I have no idea what is producing them and Googling has no clear answer. It seems safe to delete them and I have done so, so for now that solves my problem. If they come back ill have a deeper look into what is producing them.

I hope this helps other people that may be having similar issues!

All my mixes in one place

Latest Artificial's Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

Over the years I have put together quite a few mixes. At first I hosted them here on my blog then later moved them to soundcloud. Unfortunately Soundcloud is getting far too expensive these days to host mixes so instead I have moved them all over to Mixcloud where they are hosted for free.


The Trip 2013 – The Stats


Click the image above to browse the map interactively.

Well thats it. Im back now from a trip of a lifetime. I had such an incredible time, saw so many phenomenal things and met so many awesome people. This will be my last post on my trip and as such I would like to wrap it up with some highlights and accompanying stats.

1. Transport

Days Spent: 251
Kilometers Travelled: ~ 40000
Countries Visited: 16
Capital Cities Visited: 14
Tours Taken: 4
Flights Taken: 10
Buses Ridden: ~60
Hours Spent on Busses: ~300
Days Spent on Busses: ~12.5
Bikes Ridden: 1
Boats Taken: 26
Trains Ridden: 1

Well I have travelled a long way, 40,000km (give or take) which just so happens to be the circumference of earth. So in some ways you could say I have travelled around the world πŸ˜›

I have ridden a great number of different forms of transport.

Some of them safer than others

I learnt that half the fun of a trip like this is in the journey. Sure 12.5 days spent on busses doesn’t sound like fun but it actually gives you time to rest and to think, not to mention write pages and pages of diary entries..

2. Writing

Diaries Completed: 6
Pages Used: 822
Words Written: 117040
Blog Posts: 25

The intention before I left was to keep a written diary so that I would have something other than photos to remember the trip by. Well it turned out to be harder than I had originally foreseen. I estimated that for every day of travel it would take me about an hour to record it in the diary. That means if I don’t write for 5 days I have to find 5 hours the next day to fill it in.

2014-01-21 13.59.06

I used the diaries as a record of the places I went, the things I did the people I met. Although I didn’t just use them as a log book, they are also a record of how I felt at the time and how I changed as a person through the trip be that for good or bad.

It wasn’t all bad though as it gave me time to reflect, take stock and realise what i’m doing and why i’m doing it. Some of the diaries also came with bonus stickers so being an 8 year old at heart I used them to decorate my laptop

2014-01-21 14

I kept up my blog throughout the trip too which served as a public record of my excursion. Infact I wrote 25 blog posts over the course of my time:

The Trip 2013 – Washington DC
The Trip 2013 – Toronto
The Trip 2013 – Chicago
The Trip 2013 – North Carolina
The Trip 2013 – LA to Mazatlan
The Trip 2013 – Guadalajara to Mexico City
The Trip 2013 – Oaxaca to Chichen Itza
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The Trip 2013 – El Ramate to Antigua
The Trip 2013 – CopΓ‘n to RoatΓ‘n
The Trip 2013 – Granada to Ometepe
The Trip 2013 – Monte Verde to San Jose
The Trip 2013 – San Jose to Puerto Viejo
The Trip 2013 – Puerto Viejo to Panama City
The Trip 2013 – Bogota to Medellin
The Trip 2013 – Cartagena to Taganga
The Trip 2013 – Tyrona to Bucaramanga
Trip 2013 – Bucaramanga to Montanita
The Trip 2013 – Montanita to Huaraz
The Trip 2013 – Huaraz to Cusco
The Trip 2013 – Cusco to La Paz
The Trip 2013 – La Paz to Mercedes
The Trip 2013 – Mercedes to Itacare
The Trip 2013 – Itacare to Jericoacoara
The Trip 2013 – Jericoacoara to Newport

3. Photos

Photo Albums: 25
Photos Disk Space: 144 GB
Photos Taken: 11672
Photos that made the grade: 2571
Videos Recorded: 181

I didn’t hold back with the photos, I took A LOT. 11672 over 8.5 months is approximately one photo every half an hour. Im glad I did as I came away with some incredible visual memories from the trip

Infact I have so many good photos that its hard to pick out the standout ones

I think I will have to dedicate a whole nother post to this topic alone

4. Activities

Days Spent Paragliding: 12
Paragliding Flights: 26
Paragliding Crashes: 1
Days Spent Kitesurfing: 6
Dune buggies ridden: 2
Days surfing: 7
Waves surfed: ~15
Bungee jumps: 1
ATVs Ridden: 1
Lines Zipped: 5
Mountain Bikes Ridden: 3
Scuba Dives: 7
Deepest Freedive: 21m
Longest Breath Hold: 3m 13s
Kayaks ridden: 1
Waterfalls Repelled: 6
Rafts ridden: 1
Mountains hiked: 3
Walls climbed: 2
Dunes boarded: 3
Skyscrapers absailed: 1

I did as much as I can. Before I went out I told myself not to skimp on activities because who knew when I would get the chance to do them again.

All of these activities came at a cost however..

5. Finances

Money Spent: Β£19184

Yep it cost more than I was expecting (around 15k) but I stayed out there longer than I had originally planned and done far more activities than I had planned. I also didn’t do it in the cheapest possible way by taking 4 guided tours with Trek America and GAdventures totalling 86 days out of my 251.

It was however a trip of a lifetime and as they say; you can’t put a price on memories and so I wouldn’t have done any of it any other way.


Handstands Popped: 18