Indie Game Project Management with Trello

Indie Game Project Management with Trello

Project management is one of those things that can easily be shrugged away and forgotten about when developing indie games. The temptation is to just leap in and start making without any thought to what the priorities are or how long things are going to take.

This is all well and good when its only one of you working on the project but when you start involving multiple people things get a bit more tricky. It becomes difficult for everyone to know what everyone else is doing or what they should be doing next.

There are lots of tools out there to help with project management such Zoho or Teamwork. I invested quite a few of them but in the end I settled upon Trello.

Trello isn’t strictly a project management tool per se rather its more of a flexible organisational tool. You can use it however you want really and it’s that flexibility, ease of use and importantly pricing (free) that attracted me towards it for managing my indie game projects.

Projects are split into “Boards”:

screenshot_021 Sep. 21 13.48

Within a board you have a number of “Lists” which in turn contain “Cards”

screenshot_022 Sep. 21 13.49

Cards and easily be created, removed and dragged between lists:


The way I use it is to have each list represent a milestone or category and each card represents a single task. When a task is completed it is simply dragged to the “Done” list:

screenshot_024 Sep. 21 14.20

Priority is indicated by the order in the list, the higher the card the higher priority. The person responsible for that task is indicated by who is the “member”:

screenshot_025 Sep. 21 14.22

A task using labels I can indicate some important info about a particular task such as it is blocked for example:

screenshot_026 Sep. 21 14.23

Clicking a single card lets you bring up its details which lets you attach files for that task, add a description, checklist, comments and much more:

screenshot_028 Sep. 21 14.24

For me its a really flexible, simple cost effective and (oddly enough) fun way to manage a small indie project.

Mr Nibbles 3D Development 08 – New Models and Shaders

Mr Nibbles 3D Development 08 – New Models and Shaders

Its been a little while since I have had any time to work on my new game Mr Nibbles 3D but i’m happy to be back developing again. I have conscripted a friend of mine to do the artwork for the game and he has been busy over the last few weeks coming up with some new models of the game.

Check the image above to see his render of Mr Nibbles with his corn ‘nibbles’ or checkout the video below where I show off some new things:

Note this is just a first pass of the models so the animation quality should improve a lot soon, also we are working on a roll animation for when Mr Nibbles moves fast.

The pipes are a first pass too but im hoping to emulate plastic hamster tubes such as:


I’ve still got quite a bit more work to do on the shaders but I think we are getting there, let me know what you think!

North Western Australia, Winter 2014

North Western Australia, Winter 2014

Well I have been back for over 3 weeks now but only just got round to uploading the pictures and videos from my 3 week trip up north. I had an absolute blast exploring some of the more remote Australian countryside.

This was the rough journey we took:

From Bunbury to Broome was 4 days in a car with Kelsie and her parents. We stopped off at a few beautiful spots along the way:









We even managed to make it over to Dampier for a quick photo with the Red Dog statue:


Once we arrived at Broome we met up with Kelsie’s Brother Trent and his FiancĂ© Emily who live up there and spent a few days chilling out around the beautiful area:






After a few days we were off again, this time two cars; Kelsie, Myself, Trent and Emily in one and Kelsie’s parents and their friend in the other. Our route took us along the Gib River road (a dirt road inaccessible for part of the year) all the way to our destination of Kununurra. Along the way we stopped at nice spots:






Once at Kununurra we had a few days to explore the spectacular landscape:






After just a short time we hit the road again and headed back to Broome, we took the highway on the way back so it only took a couple of days. This gave us more time to spend in Broome again:








And then it was all over! Kelsie and I flew back to Bunbury while her parents drove the car back.

I had an awesome time ‘up north’ exploring more of Australia, I cant wait to see more of it in the future!