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Camping Australia 2017 – The Plan

Camping Australia 2017 – The Plan

2017 is going to be a great year. From Mid-march im planning on taking some time off to explore more of Australia. It will be the first significant trip I have taken since my epic 9-month Americas adventure in 2013. We are planning 4-5 months for this one which is shorter but still epic and hopefully sufficient to see and do all the things we want to.

The above map shows the planned route. We are going to leave from Perth and take a few weeks to head north, stopping at some of the best beaches in Australia. We then we take the Gibs River Road across to Kunnanara and finally up to Darwn in the Northern Territory.

We will then continue east to see the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast. We may or may not go north from here up the north eastern peninsula of Australia. After the east coast we intend to make our way back through the centre of the country. We intend to go to Lake Eyre in South Australia (largest lake in Australia when it fills) then back into NT to Alice Springs and then Uluru before finally arriving back at Perth where we started some 5 months later.

To do all of that we have bought a really cool folding camper trailer:

And to pull it a second hand Nissan Nivara:

We plan on doing a bunch of walking, exploring and seeing the natural wonders the country has to offer. To capture the memories from a different perspective I invested in a DJI Mavic Pro which is compact and lightweight and perfect for this sort of trip.

I took it for a spin over xmas and put together this video:

Its far from perfect but my first attempt at video editing. I learnt alot and have a much better idea of what sort of footage to capture while on the trip.

So thats the plan hopefully it all goes well and we dont have any major disasters. I am really looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful country.