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I just realised some of my old XNAGPUParticles project videos have gone walkies. So I have reposted them on youtube. These are my old projects from my final year of uni, binary and source code can be found in the relevant post for each video.




I have another reason for these old re-posts, something a little more flash orientated.. Stay tuned for more info 😉

More Ronnie and Worms News!

Well it looks like both the games are still doing very well in the charts. This report on gamasutra says that Worms is currently second highest selling game in the UK and Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker is currently 6th. Not bad for my first two commercial games ever 🙂

Ronnie o’Sulivans Snooker

Ronnie o’Sulivans Snooker

Ronnie O’Sulivans Snooker is a game that i worked on at rockpool games. It was infact one of my very first games at Rockpool and subsequently one of my very first Java games. I started off only doing the menu system for the game, but in the end i worked on virtually every part of the game including the 3D graphics engine which was written from scratch with no built in 3D API’s to assist with rendering.

The game was a great learning experience and didnt do too badly in the rating achieving about a 7/10.