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5 Games now on the Windows Store

5 Games now on the Windows Store

Over the Christmas period Microsoft were running a promotion to developers; “Publish your apps to the Windows store before the 23rd of December and we will give you some Microsoft store credit”. Well as I had already spent a whole bunch of time learning how to publish natives desktop apps to the Windows Store during the development of Glancer I thought sure, why not capitalize on that.

Mr Nibbles Forever – Launched on Steam

Mr Nibbles Forever – Launched on Steam

Yesterday marked the culmination of many months of hard work, we released Mr Nibbles Forever to the Steam store!

Following the launch on mobile last year and the rather disappointing lack of players of the game I had a deep and meaningful discussion with myself and came to the conclusion that the problem wasn’t the game it was my ability to market it correctly.


The game reviewed well and the people that played it seemed to enjoy the game but unfortunately due to both my lack of interest and lack of ability to push the game very hard I was unable to get too many eyeballs on the game.

I decided that what I needed was someone to take all the stuff that I dont like doing, namely the marketing and selling of the game, so I could concentrate on developing the thing.

So I decided to contact a few publishers, one of which (Black Shell Media) decided to publish the game on PC.


The experience with BSM has been great, they have helped me all along the way with design suggestions and VERY helpful pre-launch beta test groups and feedback. Its felt more like a family with other developers regularly meeting on Discord to discuss their game and the games industry in general.

So time will tell now if my strategy of partnering with a publisher was worth it. So far I have really enjoyed the process and not worrying about the marketing too much is definitely something im happy about.

Anyways, if you havent already, now is a great time to checkout Mr Nibbles Forever on Steam:

Mr Nibbles Forever Steam Greenlit!

Mr Nibbles Forever Steam Greenlit!

I was just looking through my last few posts and realized that I hadn’t mentioned yet that Mr Nibbles Forever is coming to the Desktop!

I few months ago I decided that I wanted to see if a publisher would be interested in helping me take some of the tedious marketing responsibilities for the game off my hands and publish the game for me. I contacted a couple of recommended publishers and heard back almost immediately from Black Shell Media. After a little back and forth I struck a deal with them to publish the game on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam, Good old Games, bundles and various other channels they have access to.

So for the past months I have been tweaking the controls and UI for PC and adding more content and features which I will speak about more in a later post.

Along the way BSM added the game to the Steam Greenlight process ( and as of Friday it was finally given the thumbs up by the community to join the other games on Steam 😀

So there are a few more steps that we need to take before the game is ready to buy such as completing the all important store page but hopefully it shouldn’t be too long.

Stay tuned to this blog or on the games Facebook Page for more infos!