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Andromeda Software Development – Lifeforce 2007

I know this is now a coupple of years old, but just stumbled accross it.

I have always been into the scene but from a distance, some of the stuff is ameturish, some is a programming marvel (the 4k,32k,64k comps) but this is just plain beautiful. Its a demo (all code) from ASD (look them up on youtube if you want more from them) called Lifeforce, enjoy!

Sound Cloud & Previous Mixes

Been messing about with Sound Cloud recently, just seeing what all the audio related fuss is about and I must say its quite good. I have uploaded some of my mixes up there (not all of them as there is a size restriction on the number of uploads). I have also gone back and edited some of my old posts as the links to my old mixes no longer worked (thanks for Richard Davey for spotting that one.

Anyways, here are all my mixes done in release order (Tracklistings can be found in the post):

Artificial – Intelligence by mike.cann

June 2009 – IntelligenceDownloadPost

November 2007 – Future HarmonicsPost

November 2006 – Chill TripPost

June 2006 – Harmonics 2Post

May 2006 – Harmonics 1Post

Trifonic – Parks on Fire

Absolutely love the album, love the song and just discovered that I love the video, so have to post it really. Its Parks On Fire by Trifonic from the Album Emergence. Enjoy.