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The Evolutionary Void

Just thought I would post about my favourite author Peter F. Hamilton.

His latest book has just arrived on my desk and I cant wait to start reading it. Its the final book in a void trilogy and the exciting conclusion to a great many story lines.

In celebration im currently re-listening to the second book “The Temportal Void” on audiobook. Its odd listening to a book you have already read as the names and places are pronounced differently and the character accents are different from what I imagined, but still very enjoyable 🙂

If you enjoy mind-bending high-tech far-future space-opera or are simply a fan of science fiction I couldn’t recommend this series more, come to think of it go and read all of Peter F. Hamilton’s books, you wont regret it!

Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming

Im not too sure if I have spoken before about Lucid Dreaming. I was interested in the concept several years ago when I first heard about it and then by accidentally managed to do it once while on holiday. It was an incredible experience and ever since the concept of consciously influencing your dreaming state has fascinated me.

I read about this book in New Scientist so added it to my Amazon wish-list for next time I buy some books. I have only just gotten round to begin reading it.

Its basically a how-to guide to Lucid Dreaming and seems very well written and has had many excellent reviews. One of the very first techniques the book suggests is to keep a “dream journal”, a diary of your dreams so that can start to recognise patterns and signs in the dreams allowing your concious to detect when you are dreaming and wake you up.

So thats what im going to be doing for the next few weeks, keeping a diary of my dreams. Im thinking it should make for a rather interesting experience 😉

Oh BTW, no this isnt a knee-jerk reaction to Inception (which I went to watch last week and is a terrible film IMO), I had book ordered before I had heard of Inception, just coincidence.