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Over the years I have put together quite a few mixes. At first I hosted them here on my blog then later moved them to soundcloud. Unfortunately Soundcloud is getting far too expensive these days to host mixes so instead I have moved them all over to Mixcloud where they are hosted for free.


Artificial – Argon Isotope


I decided to take a little break from the coding and over the past few evenings I have put together a new mix.

Out of all of the mixes I have done Argon is probably my favorite and was pretty much the soundtrack to my  trip to Vietnam in 2011. As that was two years ago now I thought it was time I refreshed and updated it with the my current personal favorites in the tech and progressive house / trance world.

Argon is a lighter element than Iridium and hence the tracks have a smoother simpler progressive sound. Because this mix is in the same vein as Argon I have decided to call it Argon Isotope.

Argon Isotope by Artificial on Mixcloud


1. N’to – Trauma (worakis remix)
2. Microtrauma – Circulate
3. Dominik Eulberg – Sansula (Max Cooper’s Lost in Sound Remix)
4. Unknown
5. Breakfast – Through the Night (Naden Remix)
6. Worakis – Souvenir
7. Eleven.five – I Sense Danger
8. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer – To The Six (Matt Lange Remix)
9. Parker & Hanson – Afterthought (Soundprank’s Deep 04 Mix)
10. Andain – Promises (Soundprank Remix)

Newmix – Second Harmonic


Its been quite a while since I last made a mix. The last one Second Life was a collection of my favorite dubstep and bass tunes at the time. Since then the genre has grown and diversified and other sub-genres have opened up. Im really into some of these new sounds that involve more melody and progression but keep that rough bassey sound that popularizes dubstep.

So I thought it was time to gather some of these tracks together and lay them together in a mix. It took a little longer than expected as I used Ableton Live for the first time to make the mix. I usually use a very basic program called Mixmeister but have often found it lacking, so for this mix I decided to take the plunge and learn Live.

The mix is called Second Harmonic because it has that moody melodic sound that I love and build my three Harmonics mixes around but it is also more aggressive rather than chilled sound like last dubstep mix Second Life. I sprinkled it with a few clips from one of my favorite movies, points for guessing what is it 😉

Give it a listen see what you think:

Second Harmonic by Artificial on Mixcloud


1. Hybrid – City Siren (Reprise)
2. Asa, Gemini, Culrate, KOAN – Beyond The Shadows
3. Koven – Inset Flick
4. Gemini – Nothingness
5. Mojo – Garden Walls feat. Farisha
6. Roughmath – Human Being (Original Mix)
7. KOAN Sound – Introvert
8. Jon Hopkins – Insides
9. Trifonic – Nightrun (feat. MindBuffer)
10. Birdy – Shelter (Owsey Remix New)
11. Coven – It Comes in Waves
12. Shapeshifter – Longest Day (Opiuo Remix)
13. Koven – Urban Forms
14. Hecq – WEB, With Angels (Trifonic Remix)
15. Astrobear – First Contact
16. Trifonic – Ninth Wave
17 – Twin Atlantic – Yes I was Drunk (Matt Lange Remix)