Particle Playground v1.0.3

I made some small heavily requested updates to Particle Playground last night, control C, control V log:

v1.0.3 (18/03/09)
+ Added this new popup at the start
+ Removed system reset on every setting change
+ Added Simulation settings

So far the game has been doing well on Newgrounds with a current score of 3.95 / 5.00 and and average review score of 9.5 / 10 it has managed to win the Daily 4th Place – 03/19/2009 🙂

On a related note I came accross this on twitter yesterday: it blew my head, there I thought I was being clever getting 20-40k of particles in 2D and this guy has managed 300k in 3D! Ive already started work dissecting the code so that I can improve PP some 😉

Oh also so far I have been very impressed with some of the pictures being created by people, so far there have been 157 of them! Some highlights include: