March 2013 Posts

The Three Game Challenge

Well as announced in my last post im going to be spending most of this year travelling around various parts of the world. I’m leaving on the 7th on May so I have about a month left before I go so I have been thinking on what small project I can do in the meantime to keep me out of mischief.

I had a great idea for a game which I may write about in a later post but decided that perhaps now may not be the time to make it. So instead what I have decided to do is create a number of prototype games, three to be precise then let you guys decide which one I should take further.

The rules are the games all have to be designed as if they are going to work on mobile so that means only touch based controls. Ill be using Adobe AIR with Ash for all these prototypes so ill make sure that they all run in the browser with PC based controls too.

Im also going to get myself another ground rule. I can only use the free Lost Garden Planet Cute assets.


I hope that this limitation will mean I don’t spend too much time worrying about the tech and how it looks and instead concentrate on what has traditionally been tough for me, making it fun!

Ill be updating regularly on my progress and then throw a vote out at the end of it and see which one people like the most, wish me luck!



My 2013

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Well I promised that I would talk about what I would be up to this year now that I have quit my job. Well as the above shows I plan on doing quite a bit of travelling. 7 months of it to be exact.

The first few months of the trip are nailed down but the rest of it is currently in a state of flux. Over the next few weeks the aim is to nail some of the rest of it down so expect the map above to change.

The whole thing starts in London on the 7th of May where I fly out to Washington DC there ill spend a few days with a friend before I fly up to Toronto where I plan on seeing the Niagara Falls among other sights. After that ill scoot across to Chicago where ill meet up with another friend and explore the city.

After a few days in Chicago ill fly south to North Carolina where ill spend a nice week with some other friends. From there ill fly to L.A. where I have a 45 day Trek America trek booked. A group of 15 of us will be travelling on buses or local transport down into central america on what looks to be an incredible journey.

The trek finishes on the 17th of July which I then have a few days of respite in San Jose Costa Rica before I make my way down and across to Panama City. From there I have a flight to Bogata Colombia. There im meeting a friend and we are going to journey together north to the coast of Colombia.

After that things start to get a little hazy. I have a month or so by myself where I think ill explore some more Colombia, Venezuela and perhaps head north to the islands of the Carribian. Late September I plan to meet a friend in Cuba and spend some time exploring the island.

From Cuba I am going to head south to Peru were im going to take another long tour this time with STA Travel. They are going to take me up the Inca trail and other parts of Peru, Bolivia, Argentia, Paraguay and Brazil.

To end it I may end up meeting another friend in Brazil or Argentina Late November / December time. Then I am going to fly out of Rio back to the UK in time for Christmas!

So there are a lot of ifs and buts in there but that’s the rough plan. Im going to take a cheap laptop around with me so I can post updates here and show off some pictures of beautiful places 😛 If you don’t hear from me for a few months its either because there is no internet around or I have been kidnapped or put in a prison somewhere!



Ectoplasm, a Game Made in 24 hours (ish)

Ectoplasm, a Game Made in 24 hours (ish)

Just before leaving Playdemic we had a company-wide ship-it-day. If you haven’t done one of these before they are great and work very similar to game jams like Ludum Dare. Basically you have 24 hours to create something related to the company then you have to present it.