January 2013 Posts

Post To Tumblr v3.13


Just a quick update to my Chrome Extension PostToTumblr this morning to fix a few things and add a couple of features after the large update in v3.12.

The change log:

- v3.13 -- 20/01/13 
+ More one-click options for post state, tags and caption
+ New button in the options for resetting Tumblr auth
+ New button for formatted posts for posting to draft
+ Fixed it so you no longer have a menu on one-click if you only have one blog
+ Correct verbs are now displayed in the desktop notifications when posting
+ Fixed an issue with white pages if you rename your blog

Newmix – Second Harmonic


Its been quite a while since I last made a mix. The last one Second Life was a collection of my favorite dubstep and bass tunes at the time. Since then the genre has grown and diversified and other sub-genres have opened up. Im really into some of these new sounds that involve more melody and progression but keep that rough bassey sound that popularizes dubstep.

So I thought it was time to gather some of these tracks together and lay them together in a mix. It took a little longer than expected as I used Ableton Live for the first time to make the mix. I usually use a very basic program called Mixmeister but have often found it lacking, so for this mix I decided to take the plunge and learn Live.

The mix is called Second Harmonic because it has that moody melodic sound that I love and build my three Harmonics mixes around but it is also more aggressive rather than chilled sound like last dubstep mix Second Life. I sprinkled it with a few clips from one of my favorite movies, points for guessing what is it 😉

Give it a listen see what you think:

Second Harmonic by Artificial on Mixcloud


1. Hybrid – City Siren (Reprise)
2. Asa, Gemini, Culrate, KOAN – Beyond The Shadows
3. Koven – Inset Flick
4. Gemini – Nothingness
5. Mojo – Garden Walls feat. Farisha
6. Roughmath – Human Being (Original Mix)
7. KOAN Sound – Introvert
8. Jon Hopkins – Insides
9. Trifonic – Nightrun (feat. MindBuffer)
10. Birdy – Shelter (Owsey Remix New)
11. Coven – It Comes in Waves
12. Shapeshifter – Longest Day (Opiuo Remix)
13. Koven – Urban Forms
14. Hecq – WEB, With Angels (Trifonic Remix)
15. Astrobear – First Contact
16. Trifonic – Ninth Wave
17 – Twin Atlantic – Yes I was Drunk (Matt Lange Remix)




PostToTumblr v3.12 Update


I have finally found some time to do a long overdue update to my popular Chrome extension PostToTumblr built using Haxe. 30,000 people currently have the extension installed and they post about 10,000 images, links, quotes per day so I thought it was about time to give it some love.

The list of improvements are:
+ One-Click posting now available in the options
+ Tall images now no longer appear off the screen
+ Notifications now used instead of popups
+ Improved error detection
+ Improved authorization process

The main feature in the update is the one-click posting. This much-requested feature was available in the original PostToTumblr but for various reasons never made it into the latest reincarnation.


Once enabled in the options it enables the user to bypass the post preformatting window that usually pops up and instead posts with some default settings. If you have more than one blog the post menu gives you the option for which blog you would like the post to go to:


The normal popup “posting..” window has been replaced with HTML5 notifications.


This should make posting a smoother, less intrusive process.

If you haven’t got the extension already you can grab it on the Chrome Store else Chrome should auto-update the extension for you very soon!