January 2011 Posts

Playdemic acquired by RockYou

Well as it has now hit the media I guess I can blog about it.

Last week it was announced that my current employer Playdemic was acquired by the much larger Redwood City based company RockYou.

This is obviously great news for all concerned and can only lead to further greatness as we expand and grow under our American overlords 🙂

PostToTumblr’s 1,628th User Celebration

To celebrate the 1,628th user of my Chrome extension PostToTumblr I have just uploaded a new version that adds a requested feature.

The new feature allows the user to post to multiple Tumblr blogs.

Once specified in the options you are now presented with a sub-menu when posting images allowing you to choose your alternative blogs or just the default blog:

Important to note is that you are only presented this sub-menu if you have specified alternative blogs in the options.

Chrome should auto-update the extension for you soon!