September 2010 Posts

Inputtie – Beta Release!

Woooo Hooo! Finally after almost a years worth of toiling we have finally released the beta version of Inputtie.

Now I have only performed a limited amount of testing so im sure there are going to be bugs-a-plenty. If you find something I would love to hear about it. We dont currently have a dedicated email address you can use for this so just use the contact box on the side of the inputtie page to get in touch.

Anyways, here are the release notes for this version:

Inputtie Version 0.1.3 (22/03/10)
+ Beta Release!
+ Fixed an issue that was causing the mouse pointer to not quite reach the edge of the screen
+ Fixed it so that you can now choose not to show the “new device” help tip.
+ New Icons, yey!

Grab the download over on the download page now!

Oh BTW we decided to go with the “e” in a bordered square for our app icon:

Inputtie – Beta Drawing Near!

Final testing is under way here at mission control for the Inputtie Beta.

1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse, 1 PC, 2 Laptops, 1 Netbook, 4 Operating Systems.

All systems are go! Almost ready for takeoff!

Inputtie – App Icons

With the beta for Inputtie drawing very near Oli and I are adding some final touches to the build and doing those “things we meant to do for ages”.  One of those things being the app icon. This is the icon you will see on your shortcuts and in your taskbar area so its going to be pretty visible.

Oli, my partner-in-crime has whipped up 2 different versions with 2 variations on each version. See what you think:

I personally am favouring the circle icon with the border, however I worry that it looks too much like the Internet Explorer icon.

What do you all think?

Leave a comment below.