April 2010 Posts

Artificial – Harmonics (Part 3)

Well its been a while since I have made a new mix, but I have been collecting tracks for it for a while. This one came together fairly quickly actually, about two days worth of composition and then a few variations until I was happy with it. I decided not to add any movie samples to this one to keep it nice and simple, got alot of other projects on at the moment! Im not even sure if people actually like those movie samples tho, let me know if you do!

I have called it Harmonics (Part 3) as the third instalment in my Harmonics series is long overdue and I felt that it just kinda felt like a Harmonics Mix.

Anyways, I have uploaded the mix to SoundCloud and used the last remaining hour that the free account gives you 😉 Give it a listen or download below:

Harmonics (Part 3) by Artificial on Mixcloud

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Hybrid – Disappear Here (Armchair Mix)
2. Trifonic – Broken (Specter Mix)
3. Canvas – Imogen Heap
4. Chris Zippel – Again feat. Adel Tawil
5. Obscure Celebrities – Farenheit (Ulrich Scnnauss Remix)
6. Woven – Prickly Pear
7. Moderat – Rusty Nails
8. Helios – Bounce Dive
9. Telepopmusik – Into Everything
10. Bjork – An Echo, A Stain
11. Telefon Tel Aviv – What it was Will Never Again
12. Max Richter – Vladimir’s Blues
13. Sigur Ros – Hoppipollo

If you liked this mix and havent heard my other ones then you can grab those here: http://www.mikecann.co.uk/misc/sound-cloud-previous-mixes/

Android Running on the iPhone!

Wow! This is pretty mental. I know a while back someone had managed to get a Linux kernel running on the iPhone, but there wasnt much to see and I soon forgot about it. It appears now however that PlanetBeing from the Dev-Team has managed to take an Android build and get it to run on the iPhone! Check out the video of it below:

Very cool stuff. I cant wait to see some Flash 10.1 running on that!

Clever Spam Email..

Its not often that spam gets through my gmail spam filters but this one did, and its quite ingenious:

Whats clever about it:

  1. It uses my name, and my nickname at that to make it sound more personal
  2. It comes from a real sounding name “Bruce Thomas”
  3. It looks exactly like a standard forward email
  4. The attachment contains the name PDF
  5. It contains the “No virus found in the incoming message” text from AVG

In short it almost got me, when you are short of time and briefly glance at a mail you may look over things and download and open an attachment without thinking about it.

Anyways, thought I would share 😉