March 2009 Posts

216 Chorlton Mills..

As some of you know im currently in the process of moving flats. As I have done a video of all the other places i have lived in I thought it would be fitting to do a video of this place before I move out for good. So here here is my current flat 216 Chorlton Mills, she’s abit small but very cosey 😉

Flash Develop Plugin: Highlight Selected

Highlight Selected

Notepad++ comes with a feature where if you double click a variable it will highlight all other instances of that variable in the open document. I wanted this feature in FD so i decided to write this plugin.

This plugin is very simple and borrows much of the code from the quick-find plugin.

I wrote this little plugin an an hour or so last night, i hope others find it useful too 🙂

More info and download link on the FlashDevelop forums:

Spam, the mark of the devil..

666 spam in my inbox, what happens now? do i win a pize?