November 2009 Posts


Well kind of.. We got our very pretty little tree up today:


Im all hot and itchy now, so it better be bloody staying up till June.

BlastWave: Lost at Sea, so very almost!

It has been months and months since Oliver and I finished (functionally) our latest flash game ‘BlastWave: Lost at Sea’. It has taken all this time to sort out sponsorship deals, with all the various portals. We have been through headache after headache but its finally almost time to release to the general public!

The following is a little promotional clip done by for the game, quite cute we think. Anyways stay tuned, to play the game in the next few days!

Bike Be Gone :(

Went downstairs to the first floor carpark this morning to grab my bike for my morning 15min cycle into work to find that all that remained was this:


First time I have ever had anything stolen, all they left me were a few tattered remains of my bike lock as souvenirs of happier times. Looks like my journey to work got that bit longer 🙁