January 2009 Posts


After another evenings worth of work I have come up with this little thing.

Its mainly a test to see how the new GameJacket tech fares when floated on the open sea that is the flash games industry.

Still, give it a go let me know what you think!

An evening and a bit later..

Ive been playing around with abit of tech for my next game. Not too sure what the game is going to be yet but while playing I had an idea and made this little toy:

Turn your speakers on!

Music is “Stay Crunchy” by a rather odd chap called Ronald Jenkees.

Forget me not..

I have a terrible memory, often desprite setting alarms leaving notes for myself all over the place, writing on my hands, i still forget to do something. For that reason we have come up with the “forget me not” copyright 2009. See image for more info: