June 2008 Posts

FlashDevelop, Preloaders and GameJacket

This is a clone of the post i made on the GameJacket developer forums here: http://gamejacket.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=59 but i think it deserves a re-post here so it can be googled 🙂

 As i had quite abit of trouble getting GameJacket to fit into my work flow properly and have no finally managed it I have decided to share my experiences and write a tutorial.

So this is a tutorial for using FlashDevelop with the Flex Complier to build a game with a pre-loader that passes the GameJacket security checks.

Blast Out

Blast Out

Well here is my next flash based offering…

Its called blast out and the idea is its a modern day version of Break Out. You have to bounce the ball around (which you may recognise from Blast Wave ;)) and destroy the terrain to release the particles. You can collect the particles by holding the left mouse to attract them down to your paddle.