January 2008 Posts

XNALiquids 03

Well i was just thinking in work today that it may be possible to detect the bounds of the the particle "clusters" and then line drawing the boundry and then you wouldnt notice the compression that the particles tend to suffer from.

When i got home i tested out my theroy and the results can be seen below. Its pretty obvious that its not perfect but as i say it was just me messing.

Oh BTW grant kot has been working on his polluted planet some more, and its starting to look quite impressive now its over in XNA: link1, link2


Okay well i have been playing around with my particles AGAIN 😛

XNALiquids 01

Well after seeing what Polluted Planet did with large numbers of interactive particles in java, it got me interested.

So i have decided to have a go at implementing it myself in XNA.

So here it is, my first attempt at it. Currently the algorithm is very rough as you can see from the video there are still some problems that cause the particle to behave a little… umm.. erratic 😉

Hopefully with abit more time and effort ill get it sorted. At the moment there are 5000 interacting particle on one CPU, hopefully i will beable to push that figue up soon and take advantage of my quad-core system 🙂