June 2007 Posts

Dry spell

Well I have just started a new job in a new town. Well actually the job nor the town is that new as I worked here two years ago during my placement year. The town, Manchester, the company Rockpool Games.

Basically this means im working all day during the week and when I get home I dont have the internet so cant upload anything.

Hopefully ill get the internet at home soon tho so back to the posting 😛

ChainReaction (Binary+Source Release)

ChainReaction (Binary+Source Release)

Okay so i have finally decided to upload this. I had intended to do some more work on it and get it into a more presentable state. However as time goes on and I still havent found time to do any more on it I have just decided to upload it now.

More Photos..

Just some more photos of my latest comings and goings 😛