November 2007 Posts

Graduation Part Two

Well thats officialy it now, university is over. Quite a sad thing but i guess it had to happen eventually.

The night out afterwards was fantastic however with the usual bunch of crazy antics and lethal quantities of alcahol.

Head over to my picassa album for more pics:

Artificial – Future Harmonics

Its been quite some time indeed since i have released a mix so i decided to make another one. This one is a culmination of several weeks work and im pretty proud of it.

Its hard to describe which genre this mix falls into, as the name suggests i was going for a harmonics style mix but with a more edgey, IDM type feel to it, not sure if i succeeded, but oh well.

Didnt manage to fit all the tracks i wanted into this one so they may be a simmilar mix on the way in the near future 🙂

Future Harmonics by Artificial on Mixcloud

Confused Kitty

I dont know why i find this so funny…