January 2007 Posts


hehehe its infectious

Kitty Wash

Okay all that know me know i love kittys, but i also love to see kittys get scared.. (dont ask me why)

This one made me laugh so hard…

ShadowShader in RenderMonkey

This is my second dabble in HLSL and this time it was just for personal reasons. I wanted to create a shadow effect for a 2D game that we are developing for our group project. Its actually very hard to find any resources on the internet about this but i did stumble accross one resource (which i have now lost the link to) where someone has created a basic shadow effect purely in shaders.

So i decided to have a go and this was the outcome. In the end however its too slow to be used in the game but serves as a usfull learning tool when the hardware catches up.

To view this you will need to download RenderMonkey.

Download: ShadowShader.zip